3 Things You Should Die To

Pastor John Life Change Moments
Pastor John's Life Change Moments
Pastor John's Life Change Moments
3 Things You Should Die To

In this episode, Pastor John talks about the 3 things you should die TO, so that there is 1 thing you can die FOR.


Did you know there are 3 things that you should die TO…so that there is ONE thing you can die FOR? First, die to SELF… you putting you FIRST before EVERYbody… second, die to your flesh, stopping what FEELS good regardless of the consequences. Third, die to the world, stopping what the WORLD values, instead of what GOD values. CH Spurgeon once said, “When we come to the end of SELF, we come to the BEGINNING…of Christ.” When we reach the end – loss of a job, bankruptcy, addiction, sickness, divorce…anything OUT of control in our lives…die to your SELF so that you can LIVE with a power GREATER than what you can do on your own. That POWER…is Jesus Christ. How do you get Jesus in our life? Just pray this prayer out loud or to yourself: “Jesus, come into my heart. I proclaim you my Lord and Savior. Forgive me of my sins.” If you really meant what you prayed, you now have the Holy Spirit in you, to help lead you and guide you.

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