Letter to the Devil

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Is temptation a sin? Here is a letter from a pastor that he wrote to Satan. If you feel like you have been imprisoned and have no way out of the sin you committed, or the sin that you are currently committing, you need to hear the reading of this passionate letter.

Here is a text copy of the Letter:

“To Satan, take note and listen well. You will not conquer me. I am blood-washed, spirit-filled, daily-delivered, strongly sanctified, and word in-dwelt. I am linked with a sovereign and eternal power, and I have set my face. You are extremely subtle, but I’m onto your ways. You parade as an angel of light, but I walk in a brighter light. Your days of deception are all over with me. I won’t be deceived, detoured, derailed, distorted, distracted, discouraged, or disillusioned by your schemes. Your vile influence will not cross the no-trespassing sign on the gate of my heart. My life is off limits to you now. My doors are closed to you forever. You won’t walk in, crawl in, slither in, sneak in, pry in, jump in, swim in, fly in, drive in, or barge in to my life. I have a permanent guest that now resides inside, and he cannot share this house with you. Face it. Your days are numbered, your kingdom is doomed, your designs are dwindling, your evilness eroding, your devil is dissolving, your deception diminishing, your death is dying, and your victory has been cancelled. You can’t trap me with your schemes. You can’t soil me with your subtlety or level me with your lies because He that is in me is greater than you. So get off of my property!

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