How to Get the Same Power that Raised Jesus Christ from the Dead

Get the Same Power as Christ

Did you know the SAME POWER that raised Jesus Christ from the dead is the SAME POWER that is available to you on a DAILY basis? Ephesians 1:19 to 21 says “…His power works for us who believe. It is the same mighty strength God showed. He showed this when he raised Christ from the dead…”

If God’s Spirit (the Holy Spirit) can raise a dead Jesus, He can raise a dead marriage, a dead career, a dead dream, a dead end. It’s the Holy Spirit POWER to be free from your past.


Only God can save you. Do not be misled. No preacher, no pastor, no repeating of magic phrases, no baptism can save you for eternal life in heaven…not even you can can save you. If you’ve been wondering about eternity in heaven, God may be stirring in your heart to prompt you to accept His Son as your Lord and Savior. Invite Christ now because there is no second chance to accept Jesus after you die.

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